2018 Speed Dating for Candidates

CCDP will present three opportunities for voters to interact with primary election candidates.  We hope you will be able to join us for one of them.  The format we use is different from a candidate forum.  We call it Speed Dating for Candidates.  Voters are distributed into small groups.  The number of groups equals the number of candidates at the event.  Each candidate starts with a group, engages in discussion for 15 minutes and then rotates to the next group.

2018 Morning Meet and Greets

North Chatham Morning Meet and Greet    RSVP and details
Saturday, February 24th
North Chatham Elementary School, Lystra Road
9 AM to noon

Pittsboro Speed Dating for Candidates   RSVP and details
Saturday, March 31st
Horton Middle School, South of the Historic Courthouse on Sanford Rd.
9 AM to noon

West Chatham Speed Dating for Candidates    RSVP and details
Saturday, April 28th
West Chatham Senior Center, 112 Village Lake Rd, Siler City, NC 27344
9 AM to noon

Photos from our NW Chatham Meet and Greet

meetandgreetgrppic.jpg Hales1.JPG JCrawford1.JPG
Cooper1.JPG MRoberson1.JPG RReives1.JPG
RWatts1.JPG VFoushee1.JPG MRoberson2.JPG
RReives2.JPG RWatts2.JPG VFoushee2.JPG
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