2020 Precinct Meetings


As Chatham County Democrats we have a lot to be proud of. Our county consistently leads North Carolina in turnout. Democrats win in Chatham. We are blessed with amazing volunteers. 

Results in the 2018 and 2019 elections are encouraging as we prepare for 2020. A few of the highlights: 

  • We broke the Republican legislative supermajority … in both North Carolina chambers. 
  • We elected not only a Democratic Supreme Court Justice but also three Democrats to the NC Court of Appeals. 
  • Kentucky and Louisiana have elected Democratic Governors. 
  • Virginia elected a Democratic majority in both legislative chambers. 

In 2020 we can complete the work of taking back control of our state legislature while retaining the GovernorMansion and a progressive majority on the NC Supreme Court. We can also secure North Carolina’s Electoral College votes for the Democratic candidate for President. 

We can do all this – if we make sure that every one of our voters gets to the polls and votes. 

Strong precincts are integral to achieving this goal for the 2020 election.   

You can be part of winning in 2020.  Attend your precinct meeting and learn about opportunities to work for victory.

You will also be able to submit resolutions for the Democratic party to vote on -- these can become part of the national party platform. Information on writing and submitting a resolution to your precinct is here.

All registered Democrats are urged to attend their precinct meetings.  In addition to voting on resolutions you will:

  • Learn about the work we are doing for this election cycle and opportunities to help,
  • Get to know fellow Democrats,
  • Learn about coming activities, 
  • Elect delegates to the County Convention,

  The road to winning elections up and down the ballot starts with your precinct.

Need to find out which precinct you live in?  Look it up on the NC Board of Elections website.

Detailed information about precinct meetings will be posted here as they become available.

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