2021 CCDP County Nominations

nominateblue.pngThe Chatham County Democratic Party is accepting nominations for county officers to be presented for election at the County Convention on April 17, 2021. If you would like to run or would like to nominate someone, please email your submission to [email protected] by March 1, 2021.

Before submitting a person for consideration please make sure they agree to have their name submitted and are willing to serve if elected. Please confirm that they are a registered Democrat residing in Chatham County. Submissions must include the individual’s full name, address, preferred phone number and email address and which office they wish to run for. Nominations are open for the following offices:

  • County Chair
  • First Vice Chair
  • Second Vice Chair
  • Third Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Here are job descriptions for CCDP officers, and the following paragraph from the NCDP Plan of Organization applies:

NCDP Plan of Organization 2.03 – Elected Officers. “The county executive committee shall have as officers a chair, three (3) vice chairs, a secretary, and a treasurer. The first vice chair must be of a different gender identity from the chair. Among the chair and three (3) vice chair offices, one (1) of these must be filled by a person of a racial or ethnic minority which constitutes at least twenty percent (20%) of the registered Democrats in that county and one of these offices must be filled by a person thirty-six (36) years of age or younger. Officers of a county executive committee shall be active Democrats residing within the county. No two (2) county officers may be from the same immediate family residing in the same household. Gender, racial or ethnic, and age requirements need not be followed if filling a vacancy for an unexpired term but shall be adhered to when the office is filled for a full term.”

Congressional District Executive Committee Chatham County is divided into two congressional districts, the Fourth and the Thirteenth. According to the NCDP Plan of Organization 3.07, “the county is entitled to two (2) representatives on the congressional district executive committee of each district in which any portion of the county is located. The county chair and first vice chair shall represent the county on the district executive committee in the district in which they reside. The same county convention at which the county officers are elected shall elect the balance of their entire representation on each such district executive committee. However, such representation on the district executive committee must be active Democrats from such county residing in the confessional district to which they shall be elected, ensuring equal division between men and women.” The 2021 Nominations Committee seeks two additional candidates (in addition to the CCDP Chair and CCDP Vice Chair) to complete the slate for the Fourth and Thirteenth Congressional District Executive Committees.

State Executive Committee – Chatham County is entitled to five SEC delegates, two men and two women, plus the County Chair.  

The Nominations Committee will interview all candidates and publish a slate of nominees on the CCDP website prior to the April 15, 2021, Executive Committee meeting and the April 17, 2021, County Convention.

Please send all questions or submissions to [email protected]

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