2021 Precinct Meetings

Chatham County Democrats have a lot to be proud of. Our county consistently leads North Carolina in turnout. Democrats win in Chatham. We are blessed with amazing volunteers. Once again we were first among the 100 counties in voter turnout.  In the midst of a pandemic CCDP volunteers and precinct leaders overcame the obstacles presented by COVID-19 and ensured that we got our voters out.

We still have work to do in 2022 assisting with taking back the state legislature and winning the open US Senate seat as well as winning County Commission seats. 

We can do all this – if we make sure that every one of our voters gets to the polls and votes. Strong precincts are integral to achieving this goal for the 2022 election.  You can be part of winning in 2020.  Attend your precinct meeting and learn about opportunities to work for victory.

All precinct meetings will be held virtually on Zoom.  Democrats from the precinct may attend and vote on matters presented at their precinct meetings.  Unaffiliated voters and Democrats from other precincts are invited to attend the meeting via You Tube/Facebook live.

Registration for each meeting is a two-step process. First pre-register on this form.  A link to the meeting will be emailed to you.  Each person attending must sign-in individually. If two people in a household are attending and plan to vote, each one must register and log in to the meeting individually.

Registration for each precinct meeting closes at 5 pm the day before the meeting. You may pre-register here.

All registered Democrats are urged to attend their precinct meetings.  this year precinct members will:

  • Elect precinct officers (Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer).
  • Elect members to the Precinct committee.
  • Elect delegates to the County Convention on April 17th and to the 4th or 13th Congressional District Convention.
  • Consider and vote on Resolutions submitted by members of the precinct.  Resolutions passed by the precinct will be voted on by delegates at the County Convention.
  • Learn about the work we are doing for this election cycle and opportunities to help.
  • Learn about coming activities. 

  The road to winning elections up and down the ballot starts with your precinct.

You will also be able to submit resolutions for the Democratic party to vote on -- these can become part of the national party platform. Information on writing and submitting a resolution to your precinct is here.  Resolutions are due 10 days before each precinct meeting date. If you miss the deadline your resolution may be considered at the County Convention.

The resolutions submitted to specific precincts are below the precinct meeting schedule.

Need to find out which precinct you live in?  Look it up on the NC Board of Elections website.

If you are interested in running for precinct officer or committee member please let the current Chair know.  Precinct officer duties are outlined here.

Precinct Meeting Schedule by Date and contacts.


PRECINCT Day/Time Contact
New Hope Saturday, March 6th, 6 to 8:30 pm Sheila Thompson, 919-338-3388, [email protected]

Hickory Mountain

Monday, March 8th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Greg Stewart, 336-9535680, [email protected]


Monday, March 8th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Johnny Shaw, 919-542-7802, [email protected]


Tuesday, March 9th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Mary Honeycutt, 919-542-2646, [email protected]


Tuesday, March 9th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Karl Kachergis, 919-444-1346, [email protected]
Rhesa Versola, 919-259-2109, [email protected] 

Harpers Crossroads

Thursday, March 11th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Becky Loflin, 919-837-5066, [email protected]

Manns Chapel

Thursday, March, 11th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm Shelley Colbert, 919-869-7777 (H),  [email protected]
Mike Hobbs, 919-360-8716, [email protected]

North Williams

Saturday. March 13th, 10 am to 12:30 pm Alan Buis, 818-653-8332,  [email protected]
Pat Brown, 919-967-1593, [email protected]


Saturday, March 13th, 10 am to 12:30 pm Beverly Bland, 919-616-1796,  [email protected]

West Williams

Saturday, March 13th, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm Nancy Jacobs, 919-557-9421, [email protected]

East Siler City

Saturday, March 13th, 1 pm to 3:30 pm Jesse Scotton, 919-548-0810, [email protected]


Thursday, March 18th, 6 pm to 8:30 Tripp Tucker, 984-265-0665, [email protected]
East Williams Saturday, March 20th, 10 Am to 12:30 pm Mike Kalt, 919-362-8677, [email protected]
Albright, Bennett, Bonlee, Three Rivers and
West Siler City 
These five precincts are unorganized.  If you would like to assist with organizing these precincts please contact Jan Nichols, [email protected]  


Resolutions submitted to Precincts



North Williams

West Williams

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Hello Mann’s Chaplains! Mike Hobbs and I look forward to seeing Mann’s Chapel Democrats on Thursday, March 11. The Mann’s Chapel keynote speaker will be Sheriff Mike Roberson. In addition, there will be a precinct drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Breakaway Cafe. At the end of the meeting, a name will be randomly drawn from the list of MCH precinct county convention delegates. We hope to have a great virtual turnout! Shelley
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