Additional 2020 signs


At this time CCDP has a limited number if signs provided by candidates for distribution to people who wish to display a yardsign. 

We expect to receive signs from other candidates as the election gets closer and will add any new signs to this page. Signs listed here may be picked up at the CCDP office during office hours.  Office hours are Tuesday 9am to 11am and Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm.  Please email with your request for any of the signs listed here or for more information.

If you are interested in helping CCDP put up 3'x4' signs around the county please send an email to the address above.

We have a limited number of County Commissioner signs - please contact the candidates directly for additional signs.

Mike Dasher
Franklin Gomes Flores
Karen Howard

Scott Huffman is running for CD 13 which includes Albright, West Siler City, Bennett, Bonlee, Harpers Crossroads, Goldston and part of East Siler City.  Please help us put signs for him up in those areas of the county.

dahserhowardfloressign1.PNG dashersign.PNG
gomezfloressign.PNG howard_sign.PNG


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