Better Choices for NC

As Democrats, we believe in educational opportunity and economic prosperity for all of our citizenry.

Check out this informative article from the North Carolina Justice Center titled, "Better Choices for North Carolina & a Strong, Inclusive Economy." The article discusses several common sense proposals that are pending at the North Carolina General Assembly.

From the NC Justice Center

North Carolina’s economy grows strongest when everyone in the state has the opportunity to get a good education, work to support their family, and live in a community with vibrant main streets and safe neighborhoods. Despite the official recovery, the average North Carolinian has not seen their wages grow and the majority of counties in the state still have lower employment levels than before the recession began.

Public policy has a powerful role to play in building the foundations of an economy that works for everyone. By setting rules and standards that allow all North Carolinians to get ahead policymakers can ensure the state grows stronger for longer. Pending at the General Assembly are a number of sound policy ideas that combined could raise the wages of North Carolinians, strengthen high-wage industry employment growth, support community economic development, build assets for families and communities and ensure the health, safety and education of all in our state.

These better choices represent a plan to rebuild our economy. In turn, this legislation can position our state competitively and demonstrate once again that North Carolina is a leader in anticipating the needs of the future economy.

Go to the NC Justice Center website for a list of and more info about these better choices for N.C.

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