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Resolutions inform the Democratic Party's platform and positions.  They may address issues at any level of governance, municipal, County, Congressional District, State or Federal.  Democrats may submit a resolution at the precinct meeting where it will be voted 2017CtyConvention.JPGon by attendees.  If passed in is sent to the county party leadership for consideration at the County Convention. Resolutions passed at the County Convention that pertain to local or county issues are shared with local officials and support policy decisions.

Resolutions that concern district, state or federal policy are send to the resolutions committee of 6th Congressional District.  The resolutions committee reviews the submissions from all 6th Congressional District counties to eliminate duplication and prepare them for consideration by the District Convention delegates.  

Resolutions passed at the District Convention are forwarded to NCDP for review and preparation for consideration at the NC Democratic Party State Convention for review and passage by delegates.  Resolutions pass and deal with national issues are sent to the Democratic National Committee.


This year because of restrictions on in-person meetings all resolutions must be submitted electronically.

Resolutions to be considered at a precinct meeting must be submitted to the precinct chair and Erika Lindemann, 10 days before the precinct meeting as a word or google document.  If you miss the deadline, submit your resolution to Erika Lindemann for consideration at the County Convention.

Resolutions may also be submitted to the County Executive Committee via the County Chair for consideration at County Executive Committee meetings.

Please check the NCDP Party Platform and the Democratic Party National Platform to determine whether your resolution is already in either document.  If a resolution is already part of either platform it will not be considered.

NCDP Platform

DNC Platform


Resolution Guide

2018 Resolutions passed at the Chatham County Convention

2017 Resolutions passed at the Chatham County Convention

2017 Resolutions submitted to the 6th Congressional District

2017 Resolutions passed by the 6th Congressional District Convention

2016 Democratic Party Platform

2018 SEC Meeting Resolutions - Proposed 2017 resolutions, passed at January 27, 2018 SEC meeting.


Resolution calling on the North Carolina Democratic and Republican Parties to send the contributions from Greg Lindberg to North Carolina-based non-profit groups. Passed  October 18, 2018

Resolution calling on the Chatham County Republican Party (CCGOP) to send the contribution from Greg Lindberg to a local non-profit. Passed October 18, 2018


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