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  • Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 05:00 PM · $35.00 USD · 99 rsvps
    ZOOM in Pittsboro, NC

    2021 Fleet Reddish

    FleetReddish2021.PNGThe Fleet Reddish dinner is an important fund raiser for CCDP.  It is always a wonderful event! Named in honor of former county party chair Fleet Reddish, the event has grown over the years and is always inspiring and fun as we gather to celebrate our shared values and goal of electing great Democrats to office.

    Last year for the first time in 35 years we did not have Fleet Reddish.  You know why – Covid-19.

    This year is different -we’ve learned how to adapt and hold many activities online.  Join us on April 11th from 5 to 7 pm for the Fleet Reddish 2021 virtual fundraiser.

    Sponsorships help us build funding for our election work.  We need your support for 2022. Purchase your ticket or sponsorship online below or use this form

    Individual Tickets are $35.


    Event Sponsor - $1000
    Roosevelt Patron - $500
    Kennedy Patron - $250
    Carter Patron - $125

    Dine with us virtually.  Support a local restaurant by buying dinner and enjoy it while we meet for Fleet Reddish.  See the list at the end of this page or download the list.

    Our theme is North Carolina after 2020: Moving Forward with Hope.  In the past decade and especially the past year, we have overcome so many challenges.  But there is still much to do.  How do we move forward to build back better and protect our democracy?    Following the keynote, Dr. Davis will lead a discussion with a Senator Jeff Jackson, Senator Valerie Foushee, Representative Robert Reives and Commissioner Jim Crawford.

    Our keynote speaker is NC Senator Jeff Jackson.

    SenJeffJackson.PNGSenator Jackson became the second-youngest senator in the state Senate in 2014. Senator Jackson has built a reputation for being transparent, accessible, and candid. Jeff has helped lead the fight against gerrymandering, stood against discriminatory legislation like HB2, supported investments in early childhood education, repeatedly called for raising teacher pay and expanding Medicaid, passed reforms for our criminal justice system.

    Many of you will remember his #JustOneLegislator tweets during the snowstorm of February 2015. On the snow day Tuesday, he was basically the only legislator to show up to work.  Taking advantage of his majority rule, he said, “I thought I would fix the state,” He proceeded to “pass” a series of legislation. Here is a sample.


    • I just defeated a filibuster because I needed a drink of water. That removes any opposition to new childcare subsidies. Our jails are filled with the mentally ill and chemically addicted. Just expanded mental health care for them.

    • I'm hearing there's no cell phone reception in the press room. That goes on the list, but I'm putting it at the bottom.

    • Just had a big debate over cutting the university system even more. Decided not to, because obviously that's a bad idea.

    • BREAKING: Politicians don’t get to draw their own political districts anymore.  Let’s see how fair elections work.

    • In response to several inquiries, I can confirm that we are expanding broadband access throughout rural NC.


    Senator Jackson is running for US Senate in 2022.


    Special Guest Dr. Anthony Davis is joining us.  Dr. Davis is Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement/Chief Operating Officer of Livingston College.  Many of us remember his service to Chatham and the Chatham Democratic Party as Second Vice Chair for three terms.


    Enjoy a virtual dinner event with us and support local restaurants.

    Normally we gather and enjoy a meal but this year we can be together in spirit and support local restaurants.  On April 11th, please consider ordering take-out dinner from one of these local restaurants. A list of options will be available soon.

     (Note that there are additional restaurants but they are not open on Sunday.)

    North and North East Chatham

    Breakaway Café, 919-234-3010,

    Bonefish Grill, 919-248-2906,  

    Capp’s Pizzeria & Trattoria, 919-240-4104,

    Captain John’s Dockside, 919-68-7955,

    Fearrington House Restaurant, 919-542-2121,

    Flair Fusion, 919-967-9990,

    Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant, 919-929-8012,

    Moon Asian Café, 919-869-7894,

    O’Ya Cantina, 984-999-4129,

    Tarantini Italian, 919-942-4240,

    The Belted Goat, 919-545-5717,

    Town Hall Burgers and Beer, 984-234-3504,

    Pittsboro Area

    Carolina Brewery & Grill, 919-545-2330,

    Compadres Tequila Lounge  919-704-8374.

    Copeland Springs Farm & Kitchen, 919-261-7211,

    Elizabeth’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant, 919-545-9292,

    Greek Kouzina, 919-542-9950,

    John’s Italian Pizza, 919-542-5027,

    Mi Cancun, 919-3858,

    Michoacán Mexican Grill, 919-704-8751,

    Small B&B Café, 919-537-1909, ,

    San Felipe Mexican Restaurant Pittsboro, 919-542-1008,

    The City Tap, 919-545-0562,

    The Phoenix Bakery, 919-542-4452,

    Siler City

    Antojitos Mexicanos La Jarocha, 919-742-4484,

    Bestfood Cafeteria / Hayley Bales Steakhouse  919-742-2475

    Brownie Lu’s  919-799-7250 

    Compadres Mexican Restaurant Siler City, 919-663-5600

    Dry Dock Seafood – 919-742-2177,

    Elizabeth’s Pizza (Siler City) –919-663-5555,

    Nericcio’s Family Restaurant – 919-799-7647,

    San Felipe (Siler City) – 919 663-7333,

    Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-BQ, 919-633-4333,


  • Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM · 79 rsvps
    Zoom in Pittsboro, NC

    2021 County Convention

    Please RSVP for the convention to receive a Zoom registration link.

    All precinct delegates will receive an email with a convention packet, registration link and voting information by April 6th. ONLY precinct delegates may vote.

    The Convention will be on April 17th from 10 am to 12:30 pm.

    The agenda, resolutions and other information will be posted between April 1st and April 5th.

    Keynote Speaker: Daniel Bowes



    Daniel serves as the Director of Policy and Advocacy at the ACLU of North Carolina. Daniel started his legal and policy advocacy career at the NC Justice Center; first, as an Equal Justice Works fellow and then as a senior attorney and director of the Justice Center's Fair Chance Criminal Justice Project. He has also served as an Autry Fellow at MDC, Inc., and supervising attorney of Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Second Chance Employment and Housing Project. As the son of justice-involved parents, Daniel is a passionate member of the NC Second Chance Alliance ( and advocates for the well-being of the 30,000 children in North Carolina with an incarcerated parent. 

    Daniel is a native of Alamance County. He is a graduate of Duke University and the New York University School of Law, where he was a Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholar.



    Convention Delegate Materials


    2020 Convention Draft Minutes

    Nominating Committee Report

    Resolutions Committee Report

    Special Rules of the Day

    Voting Process

    District Convention Delegates needed

    If you are interested in serving as a delegate to the 4th Congressional District Convention or the 13th Congressional District Convention please use the appropriate link below.

    Delegates must live in the Congressional District, be a registered Democrat and live in Chatham.  Please note there are seats for 82 4th Congressional District delegates and 12 13th Congressional District delegates.  Seats will be allotted in the order of registration.  You do not have to attend the convention (on Zoom) to be a delegate but we must fill all seats in order to have all 82 or 12 votes.  The conventions will be held on May 22nd.

    4th Congressional District sign-up form.

    13th Congressional District sign-up form.


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