The Chatham Democratic Party works for policies and laws that build equity and equality for all our citizens.  We seek a society that cares for all its citizens and ensures opportunity and prosperity for its citizens.  We support public investments that build our community and improve the quality of life for all people.

We are the party that trusts the wisdom of the people.

We are the party that believes in government by the people

We are the party that invests in our people and places.


Our Issues:

Our Values

  • Excellence in Public Education
  • Preserving our Rural Character
  • A healthy Natural Environment
  • Promoting small business growth
  • Protecting our agricultural economy
  • Energy Conservation
  • Investing in Public Structures
  • Parks and Trails for Recreation
  • Libraries and Bookmobiles
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Opportunities for Youth
  • Open Government with Citizen Input
  • No Natural Gas Drilling in NC