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    2018 Constitutional Amendments



    The legislature is running roughshod over our Constitution, pushing through new measures to restrict voting, undermine our separation of powers, and nickel and dime consumers. These amendments are unprecedented, unnecessary, politically-driven, and hurt our state. Many are nothing more than a “blank check” to allow partisan politicians to do as they please.

    Any attempt to change our Constitution should be deliberate and bipartisan. The public has only voted on seven amendments in the last twenty years. Now, we’re forced to vote on nearly as many in one election.

    It’s not enough to stand against a few of the amendments when the effort behind each of them is partisan politics. North Carolina must send a loud message by voting “against” each of the proposed constitutional amendments.

    1. Undermine Separation of Powers (“Clarify Board Appointments”) HB913 fundamentally alters the balance of power in state government, giving the legislature exclusive control over how you can vote, the cost of your energy bill, and the quality of your drinking water. This dangerous measure would essentially rewrite the constitution to exclude all North Carolinians but a few politicians from making decisions about what is in the best interest of the state.

    2. Give Legislature Power over the Courts (“Judicial Vacancy”) SB814 undermines the separation of powers by giving a handful of partisan politicians the power to cherry pick judges. This political power grab undermines the independence of our courts making our judiciary another partisan, political body.

    3. Make it Harder to Vote (Voter ID)  HB1092 is designed to make it harder to vote, creating new hurdles to the ballot box by giving legislators a “blank check” to create new restrictions on your right to vote. Past attempts have been found illegal after lawmakers targeted African-Americans “with almost surgical precision.”

    4. Nickel and Dime the Middle Class (“Cap Income Taxes at 7%”)  SB75 North Carolina has some of the lowest income taxes in the southeast, while property taxes, sales taxes, local taxes, and fees have all grown. This amendment continues to nickel and dime consumers to protect the wealthy, while starving resources for public schools, and prevents the state from responding to future economic downturns.

    5. Unintended Consequences for Crime Victims (“Marsy’s Law”)  HB551 North Carolina already has robust victims’ rights laws – changing the state constitution is unnecessary. This measure also has unintended consequences for victims’ ability to have their day in court, as only wealthy people with private attorneys could intervene in criminal prosecutions, which could delay justice for everyone.

    6. Playing Politics with Hunting Laws (“Protect the Right to Hunt and Fish”)  SB677 No rights are being threatened, but Republicans hope this amendment will lure voters to the polls. We shouldn’t change our state constitution based on politics.

    What people are saying…

     “[The legislature is] forcing people to vote for constitutional amendments that are bad for our state and that are unnecessary.”
          – Gov. Cooper

     “You have to defeat (the amendment).”
          – Republican Gov. Jim Martin

     “Wise North Carolina voters should vote ‘No’”
          – Wilmington Star News

     “This is a constitutional train wreck waiting to happen.”
          – News & Observer

    This situation is evolving.  CCDP will be updating this section of the website with more details about each amendment and updates about the ballot and court cases.

    NC Nix All Six Flyer

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    2018 Unity Breakfast Program Ads

    2018_CCDP_Unity_Breakfast_LOGO_REV.jpgShow your support for CCDP's efforts to promote our values and ideals and turn out our voters this November!  Purchase an ad in the Unity Breakfast program.  All program ads are full color.  Please send your art (pdf, png, or jpg) to Lesley Landis by September 7th.

    Ad sizes and cost.

    Full page interior $150

    Half page interior $50

    Quarter page $25

    If you prefer to mail you payment in please use this form.


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    2018 Unity Breakfast tickets


    Thank you for supporting the Chatham County Democratic Party and our Unity Breakfast!  

    Individual tickets are $40 each.  Please enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase.


    To be a sponsor enter 1 in the number, our system will assign the correct number of tickets.

    Event Sponsor, 10 tickets  $1500

    Table Sponsor, 10 tickets $700

    Gold Sponsor, 4 tickets $400

    Silver Sponsor, 2 tickets $200

    Bronze Sponsor, 1 ticket $100

    If you have guests please email their names to Chair@chathamdemsnc.net.



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    Summer 2018 Voter Survey

    This is a brief survey about your plans to vote in the 2018 general election and your interest in helping CCDP turn out voters. This election will impact the lives of North Carolinians for years to come.  Voter turnout is of critical importance.  We appreciate the time you take to let us know your plans.

    Take the survey

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    Talking Zoning


    Let the BOC know that you are in support of countywide zoning with an interim zoning measure that would later be adapted to an updated comprehensive land-use plan and map. This zoning would exempt agriculture and the related agricultural businesses that might exist on a family farm. A public process to identify and list agricultural uses will be needed. Additionally, this zoning would exempt minor and family subdivisions, and would grandfather commercial and industrial uses that are already in existence. Owners of a farm or property currently in agricultural or residential use that choose to convert the property to a major residential development or a commercial or industrial use (not related to the agricultural use) would have to seek a zoning change, and that process would require community input and hearing.

    Note that of the 100 counties in North Carolina, only 23 are unzoned.

    It is particularly important for those in the unzoned areas to speak out! Ask for an updated comprehensive Land-Use Plan and Map:

    The county presently has a Land-Use Plan that was adopted in 2001. It is basically a very good guideline, and was developed with much public input. The findings and goals of the plan are still relevant; however, much has changed since 2001, and the current growth patterns and projected development necessitate an update. It is also clear that Chatham County is diverse in land uses, and a one-size-fits-all may not be appropriate at this time.

    The primary defect of the existing plan is the absence of a land-use map to accompany the written text. Without such a map, planning staff and officials do not have a framework for governing land uses. This results in ad hoc and haphazard development.

    Chatham has a chance to get planning right. We are hopeful that we will!     PDF of Talking Points

    Why Zoning Now

    1. Protect Your Property
      Chatham has recently been assaulted undesirable uses in unzoned areas. This includes 3 quarries and a shooting range this year. Our close proximity to Wake, Orange and Durham counties invites further exploitation of Chatham as a dumping ground.
    2. Degraded Environment
      Without modern land use controls environmental damage from oil and gas fracking and coal ash disposal will be exacerbated. There are currently 12 open pits in the unzoned area vulnerable to coal ash disposal.
    3. Agricultural Protection
      The strong urbanization of Chatham, which is upon us, will threaten our growing agricultural community. This intrusion of development will inevitably cause conflicts with the farm community.
    4. Jobs
      Recent economic proposals such as Chatham Park, the Siler City Megasite, and the Moncure Megasite will provide jobs and prosperity to our community. Good investment requires that adjacent sites be compatible neighbors. Uncontrolled land use leaves this to chance.
    5. Wise Investment
      Infrastructure investment in schools and utilities needs to be planned so that taxpayer funds are not wasted. It is projected that a new school will need to be constructed every two years. A look at school overcrowding in neighbor counties is a clear warning that a wise response to growth is very necessary if we value education.
    6. Quality of Life
      People move to Chatham to enjoy the quality of this place we call home. Protection and preservation of our way of life be it urban, suburban, or rural needs to be consistent with our citizen’s vision.

    “The land will care for you, if you care for it.” Thomas Berry


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    Fleet Reddish Tickets

    We're looking forward to seeing you at Fleet Reddish!

    Single Tickets are $40 each.

    Other Opportunities:

    Table Sponsor $1000 -    10 tickets, Table Sign, Program Listing

    Roosevelt Patron $500 -  3 tickets, Program Listing

    Kennedy Patron $250 -    2 Tickets, Program Listing

    Carter Patron $125  -       1 Ticket, Program Listing


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    Voter Registration & ID's

    Voter Registration and ID Committee Gearing Up!

    powerofonevote.jpgIn the last 72 hours of the 2013 General Assembly, NC legislators passed a 56-page bill that changes how, when, and where voters can cast ballots and also changes the limits and disclosure requirements for political donors.  A new analysis by Democracy NC shows that election law changes, confusion, and poor preparation may have blocked as many as 50,000 voters.  Chatham has a proud history of high voter turnout – we must not let this law prevent Chatham voters from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

    Under the leadership of Del Turner, the Voter Registration/Voter ID Committee will address this challenge in our county.  You can be a part of this important work-- or perhaps you know friends who would be interested in helping – let them know about this opportunity.

    Volunteers are needed to call voters, assist with filling out forms, and provide transportation to get ID’s.  Voter Registration will begin the first week in April and continue through the year with a break in August.  Volunteer for the amount of time you can – every hour helps.

    Email Del Turner to find out more or volunteer.



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    Donate to the CCDP

    $36,282.35 raised
    GOAL: $50,000.00

    If you would like to make a recurring donation Click Here.

    Use this mail-in form if you prefer to send us your gift by check. Send it to CCDP, PO Box 1118, Pittsboro, NC 27312.

    As you may already know, Chatham County has the distinction of being the most politically active county in N.C. We have produced the largest percentages of voter turnout over the past four election cycles, including mid-term elections. We do this by actively engaging our talented democratic constituency, people like you.

    Your donations are critical to this success as they provide the funds that we need for our basic operations as well as campaign expenses. We are good stewards of your investment. Our success in 2017 and 2018 – winning all local races – demonstrates our effectiveness.

    Please do your part to help by making a donation.

    We welcome and appreciate any donation amount and contribution method you are comfortable with. Your valuable donation will be used to pay for a variety of CCDP expenses, including:

    • CCDP Office
    • Training for precinct committee members and candidates
    • Postage
    • Communications materials including: Brochure, letter, newspaper, envelopes and door hanger design
    • Website maintenance and social media tools
    • Radio advertising, candidate road signs, bumper stickers, etc.
    • Canvassing and poll greeter supplies and sample ballots.
    • Community and Precinct meetings and events to Educate, Engage, Empower and Energize our voters!

  • published Precinct Officers in Leadership 2014-01-29 20:49:20 -0500

    Precinct Officers

    Precinct Officials are elected every two years at precinct meetings held in the first quarter of the year before the County Convention. 

    Precinct Chair Vice Chair
    Albright Elizabeth Cox  Karen Mallam
    Bennett pending Vacant
    Bonlee Dana Hackney Roy Hanner
    Bynum Karl Kachergis Anna-Rhesa Kallam
    East Siler City Jessie Scotten Vacant
    East Williams Mike Kalt Natalie Herr
    Goldston Vacant Christopher Johnson
    Hadley David Freeman Mary Honeycutt
    Harpers Crossroads Rebecca Loflin Margaret Serenari
    Hickory Mountain Marlena Brokob Matthew Stark
    Manns Chapel Michelle Colbert Michael Strong
    New Hope Sheila Thompson Eric Olbrich
    North Williams Jennie DeLoach Patricia Brown
    Oakland Jon Spoon Steven Maynor
    Pittsboro Charles Gardner Beverly Bland
    Three Rivers Vacant Vacant
    West Siler City Louis Forrisi Travis Patterson
    West Williams Meyer Liberman Edith Salmony


    Chatham Voting Precincts

    (Click on the map for a full-screen image.)

    To find your precinct and polling place enter your address at the link below -




  • published Home 2014-01-03 17:08:52 -0500

    Welcome to the Chatham County Democratic Party

    2018 General Election November 6, 2018


    Early voting begins on October 17th.  Don't forget to vote - every vote is important. 


    Building on and extending the historic legacy of the Democratic Party, the Chatham County Democratic Party is committed to:

    • Community
    • Opportunity
    • Fairness
    • Truth in Government
    • Equality

    We encourage all individuals who share these values to join us in our efforts to bring them into the political process. We also encourage individuals to consider running for political office to help turn these values into public policy which protects the health and safety of its citizens and advances quality of life, the common good and economic well-being of all the people in Chatham County.

Join Volunteer Donate


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