Mission & Values


Building on and extending the historic legacy of the Democratic Party, the Chatham County Democratic Party is committed to:


  • Make public investments in education, transportation, clean water and clean energy, environmental protections, Social Security and Medicare.
  • Build sustainable green communities, affordable housing, attractive buildings, and recreational parks and trails that enhance the quality of life in Chatham.
  • Protect our environment including our total watersheds (streams, lakes, groundwater) and air quality.
  • Protect our agricultural community and rural character while honoring its heritage.
  • Base our economic development efforts on recruiting 21st century businesses that promote town revitalization and build employment opportunity for all.
  • Maintain a welcoming and inclusive Party where those who join feel comfortable and accepted.



  • Ensure access to free and strong public schools to allow a quality educational opportunity for everyone.


  • Pay living wages in a safe workplace, and provide a safety net for medical misfortunes to help lift people out of poverty and into the middle class.
  • People should create legislation, rather than corporations and those with the most money to donate to candidates and elected officials.  This is essential to American democracy.
  • Run political campaigns that educate voters about candidates and their stance on pivotal issues rather than personalities.

Truth in Government

  • Conduct government business openly and transparently for the people, not behind closed doors to enrich corporations and banks.
  • Work to protect our right and liberties, including voting rights, from those who would curtail them.


  • Every citizen has civil rights to social mobility and participation in society without fear of discrimination.

We encourage all individuals who share these values to join us in our efforts to bring them into the political process.  We also encourage individuals to consider running for political office to help turn these values into public policy which protects the health and safety of its citizens and advances quality of life, the common good and economic wellbeing of all the people in Chatham.

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Chatham County Democratic Party  

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1118, Pittsboro, NC 27312   

Headquarters: 50 Chatham Forest Drive, Pittsboro, NC 27312 

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