Phoenix Society - Monthly Donors


And still we rise.

Politics is cyclic and gains are incremental.  Our eyes are on winning in  2020. Our work is ongoing.

A key ingredient in our success is a firm, reliable financial foundation.  Our goal is to build the Phoenix Society to 1000 donors contributing $5 to $50 a month

You can be one of the foundational donors for CCDP by making a monthly donation to CCDP to build the financial foundation for victory.

We suggest $25 or $30 a month but all donations help.

Why We Need Your Support 

Radical Republicans have implemented legislation and reorganized our state government to undo 75 years of Democratic leadership that made North Carolina a southern star. This election has changed the balance of power in our state:

  • Roy Cooper is Governor but he needs more Democrats in the state legislature.
  • With a new Democratic Governor, the state and county boards of elections will be controlled by Democrats.  
  • The NC Supreme Court has Judge Mike Morgan as Chief Justice, and the balance of power on the NC Supreme Court has changed.
  • Democrats won county commission seats across the state and split or flipped two that were Republican held
  • We gained seats in the General Assembly 

The GOP can still is using their power to continue bad policies.  Our job is to turn out voters and win elections.

We continue to fight  for the future of our state. But Chatham County has the will, vision, passion and plan to turn the tide and help take back North Carolina. Our track record demonstrates that we put our financial resources to effective and efficient use.

If We Vote – We Win!

Starting in the precincts, your county party will reach out to citizens to Engage them in the party work and Educate our voters about key issues. In house parties, community meetings, local paper Op Ed sections, church meetings, blogs, social media, direct mail, email, texts and over coffee with friends, volunteers will speak the truth of the dismantling of NC and Equip our fellow citizens to participate in rebuilding our county and state. They will know that their vote is the solution. 

Help us reach our goal of 1000 Phoenix members.

Choose an amount that fits your budget.  Maybe that amount is

    $30 ($360 annually)

or $50 ($600 annually)

or $15 ($180 annually)

or $10 ($120 annually)

or $5   ($60 annually)

– only you can say.  The important action is to pick your donation amount and sign on as a Phoenix!

How your donations help

  • $30 pays for one month of cell service for volunteer phone calls to voters
  • $50 pays for our web hosting and e-newsletter for one month
  • $110 pays for postage to reach 100 households with Every Door Direct Mail
  • $250 pays for 2500 informational flyers or postage for 900 direct mail letters
  • $500 pays our rent and internet access for one month.
  • $1000 pays the rent and utilities on a Siler City Office for two months.

How to be a Phoenix Society Member:

1. Use our web site to set up a recurring gift by credit card


2. Create a monthly payment with your bank’s bill pay feature using these details:

Payee: Chatham Democratic Party

Address:  PO Box 1118, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Phone number:  919-913-7215

Account:  Phoenix