Rep. Robert Reives, II

by Mickayla McCann

robertreives.PNGRepresentative Robert Reives is running for re-election this November in an effort to continue to give back to his community.

Born and raised in Sanford, NC, Reives has dedicated his life to bettering the 6th Congressional District. Having graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, Reives spent 23 years serving as a lawyer, first as an assistant district attorney, and then as a partner in a private practice. Throughout his career in law, Reives was constantly involved in his community, whether it be through sponsoring education scholarships, hosting community events, or actively participating in his church.

“God and family come first for me, and I consider this community a part of my family,” Reives said. “I am I product of our community, and I know that there is no universe where I end up being the person I am without the help of tons of people. I want to give back.”

After being elected to the NC House of Representatives in 2014, Reives has focused his career on advancing his whole community, not just select members. With improving education, fostering economic development, and protecting the environment as pillars in his platform, Reives believes that government must strive to provide equal access to opportunity.

“I truly believe that the government should be spending every day, every hour, trying to make the lives of our citizens better,” Reives said. “We should never want to turn into a place where you have to be from a certain background, or look a certain way, to be able to accomplish anything. The biggest thing that I want to see is that everybody has the same opportunities that I had.”

reives_with_legislators.PNGSince 2014, Reives has served in a multitude of leadership positions. In his first term, he was picked to be the Freshman Caucus Co-Chair and the Sergeant at Arms of the NC Legislative Black Caucus. He currently serves as the Deputy Democratic Leader of the House, Vice Chair of the Education-Community Colleges Committee, and the Vice-Chair of the Judiciary III Committee.

Through his experience as a two-term representative, Reives has cultivated insights on how government can work best. He recognizes that in today’s polarized politics, the needs of citizens can get overlooked if politicians seek to promote their own agendas or fear breaking party allegiances.

“If a person disagrees with me, it doesn’t mean they are wrong, or that they don’t have a valid point that I should listen to,” Reives said. “If we listen, and we talk, that’s how we get the best legislation. We need voters to vote in people that, no matter what their personal feelings and beliefs, sit down and hear all sides, craft the best legislation, and move it forward.”

Reives plans to use his ability to empathize and compromise to ensure Chatham County reaches its fullest potential. By investing in public education, providing easily accessible healthcare, and promoting clean energy, Reives believes Chatham can become the ideal landing place for companies.

“That’s my vision: to make us into a place that has cutting edge technology and companies that are leaders in their industry, so that we can lead in economic development by being ahead of the curve,” Reives said. “All of that has to start by reinvesting in human capital, making sure we have a strong education and healthcare system, and making sure that we are taking care of our workers.”

Reives_green_tie_award.PNGFor this coming election, Reives urges voters to keep up with local politics and educate themselves on who they are putting into office. As a trusted leader, an experienced representative, and a man who puts his community’s needs over his personal leanings, Reives believes that, with your help, he can lead North Carolina to greatness.

“Vote for me because I’m going to listen to you, and I’m going to do everything I can to make this community better,” Reives said. “Vote for me because other people in these positions trust me above many others to help lead us forward. Vote for me because I’m always going to be responsive and active in the community. Vote for me because I sincerely love people, whether I am in this position or not, and I will spend my time working with people and for people trying to find solutions.”

Find out more on his website.

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