SB 861

TAKE ACTION: Tell your lawmakers to put people above politics and support SB861's vital protections for North Carolina voters. 

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Senate lawmakers have proposed emergency election legislation that seeks to expand voting access and secure voters' ability to cast a ballot at home or in-person in the upcoming 2020 elections. 

Senate Bill 861 would provide two important categories of funding and protection for voters and our democracy, which Democracy NC supports. 

First, SB861 would expand absentee voting access, by:

  • allowing absentee by mail requests by email, phone, fax, and via a secure online portal,
  • reducing vote-by-mail witness requirements from two signatures to one, and
  • providing absentee voters with pre-paid postage and envelopes.

Second, SB861 would protect in-person voting, by:

  • increasing flexibility to help counties recruit additional poll workers,
  • providing sanitary supplies and protective equipment to maintain healthy polling places, and
  • making Election Day a holiday.

This comprehensive plan is North Carolina's best chance to avoid the mistakes of other states that have unnecessarily exposed voters to the deadly coronavirus and keep our state's voters safe and voting secure during the fast-approaching 2020 elections.


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