Scott Huffman

by Mickayla McCann

Scott Huffman is running for election to the U.S. House of Representatives to bring honest politics back to North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

scott_huffman.PNG“I’m not running to be a politician -- I’m running to be the public servant that we desperately need in Washington representing us,” Huffman said. “We currently don’t have that. I want to represent the interests of the poor and working-class in our district.”

Huffman grew up in Spencer, NC, where he experienced the realities of growing up under financial strain. As a single parent raising three children, Huffman’s mother worked as a waitress to keep her family afloat. Continuing his mother’s legacy of hard work and dedication, Huffman joined the U.S. Navy out of high school and served two tours of duty. After leaving the Navy, Huffman became fascinated with computers and taught himself everything there was to know about information technology. In 1995 he opened his own business, Charlotte Internet, with the intent to supply internet to the masses. Since then, his company has evolved to focus on enterprise management and cyber security.

Though Huffman has campaign experience, having volunteered for such big-name candidates as President Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, and former Senator Kay Hagan, he did not consider running for office until after the 2016 election. His daughter, having watched Hillary Clinton narrowly lose to President Donald Trump, was scared about the future of women.

“When my daughter was 10 years old, she expressed concern about what was going to happen to the girls in her school,” Huffman said. “She wanted to know if a boy were to grab them in school, would they get away with it? I said, ‘Honey, I’ll make sure it’ll be okay. We’re going to get through this.’ Her concern for her friends really moved me.”

Launching into action, Huffman became an officer in his local democratic party. He also started an Indivisible group in Charlotte, protesting attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as well as Tom Tillis’ refusal to hold town halls. Disturbed by the lack of genuine representation for his district in Congress, Huffman decided to run for office himself.

“It’s not what you can do for your government; it’s what your government can do for you,” Huffman said. “And the way we do that is to elect leaders who maintain a relationship with voters.”

scotthuffmanwfamily.PNGIf elected, Huffman plans to focus on investing in public education, creating more jobs, expanding Medicaid, and protecting civil rights. As a product of the public school system himself, Huffman knows that education is vital for success. He believes that all children deserve a quality education, no matter where they live. Along with supporting the next generation of workers, Huffman plans to promote economic growth by attracting high-paying jobs to District 13. He also seeks to decrease financial stress brought on by the crushing costs of healthcare.

Huffman believes that healthcare is a human right and that medical bills should not bankrupt families. In regards to civil rights, he supports reforming the criminal justice system, restoring the Voting Rights Act, and supporting the Equality Act, the Disability Integration Act, and the Equal Rights Amendment.

“I’m trying to support hope and connectivity, rather than fear-mongering,” Huffman said. “We are all a village. We’ve got to get back to being that leader that the rest of the world looks to.”

Huffman also states that he plans to develop an app that will allow his constituents to keep in touch with him. This free app would enable citizens from all parties to see Huffman’s schedule and offer them the chance to submit questions and feedback on issues.

“I am one of you,” Huffman said. “I’m a working-class candidate, I’m a small business owner, I’m a navy veteran, and I want the chance to serve my country again.”


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